Evaluation Results

Court Care asks parents and caregivers to fill out brief surveys following every visit. Surveys tell us how we’re doing, and give us feedback to continuously improve.

Last fiscal year, more than a thousand parents or caregivers completed a survey. The results are in:

  • 99.84% felt their child was safe and well cared for during his/her time at Court Care, and the same percentage of caregivers were satisfied with their experience at Court Care.
  • 97.96% believed having their child at Court Care allowed them to conduct their business with fewer distractions.
  • 99.22% stated that Court Care was the safest and best child care option available to them during their time at court.

Parents wrote:

“[Court Care is a] great service that really helps single parents out!”

“I think [Court Care is] great – No distractions in court!”

“Wonderful experience! Great friendly staff!  Court Care was my only option for childcare to do jury duty ended up being a great option!”

If you didn’t get a chance to complete a survey, you can download and fill one out here.   You can email us the results at courtcare@earlyconnections.org